Kylie's 3rd birthday!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/03/2014

Kylie spent the actual day of her birthday in Phuket & although we sang a birthday song at midnight, annoying her while she slept (video previously posted on my instagram), we didn't have a proper cake-cutting session so Shane & I or rather, I made an impromptu decision that morning to have a small celebration in her school & dragged Shane out of bed (haha!). Coincidentally, it was also the school's National Day Celebration so all the kids were dressed in red & white! Kylie had no inkling of what we had planned!
Dressed her up in a red & white dress. & she wanted to wear her sunnies and cupcake watch. Vain pot.

We dropped her off at school, discreetly informed her teachers of our little surprise & scooted off on a mission to surprise our baby girl! We were rushing all over the place, getting the cake, buying little snacks & packing goodie bags for the kids all within a short 1 hour (because we had to be back at her school at a certain time so we won't mess up the class schedule or anything).

When we made it to her school, Kylie was elated, greeting us with her usual shy tone & smile. Shane & I both absolutely love it when she gets all shy from the surprises we give her. It inevitably puts a smile on our faces as well.

All her adorable classmates from her N1 class. Some of whom you'd probably recognize from Kylie's 2nd birthday celebration in school last year (you can read about her 2nd birthday: here).

This year, it was just us two (Our dear friend Pat took photos and a video of the kids singing HPBD to Ky last year) so I was mostly behind the camera. Sorry to disappoint though, it slipped my mind entirely, to take a video of the kids singing her a birthday song.

Kids love cake. 
This photo is proof. They couldn't wait to get their hands on the cake! One of them even took a bit of cream off the cake with her fingers (I think it was mischievous little Casey)!

Her shy smile (:

& cutiepie Karl Shane who started singing before we even lit the candles. Too adorable!

Pardon the holes in the cake. It was the first thing we bought & by the time we reached the school, we were greeted with a cake with portholes.

Edward giving Xuan Yan a scolding because he blew out the candles. hahaha!

We relit the candles for Kylie to blow them out in the end! Shane was pretty annoyed with the boy though. He's a kid babe!!

Ky licking the cream of her fingers while Casey salivates on everybody's behalf.


But first, a group photo with her classmates & teachers! Pretty impossible to get all the kids to look at the camera.

& I love Raoul's goofy smile right there!

A shot with her bestie & aww...they're holding hands! Loving Ky's healthy tan from Phuket!

& Casey makes them the three musketeers!

Hugs for her Dada to say thank you :')

Mission accomplished! Although, we left her at school after that & she bawled her eyes out cause she wanted to be with us. So I don't know if that's considered a success. heh.

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