Saturday at the beach!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 7/23/2014

2 Saturdays ago, the clique planned a day out at East Coast Park with the kids. I love how family-oriented my friends all are, they're always ready to take the kids out to play & have good healthy fun. Really thankful my friends are not the clubber, party sort, else we'd probably have very few of these family-friendly outing with the kids!

Apparently, that day was also Adelyn & Drayden's (Yanchin's kids) first time at the beach. Ade was totally relishing the moment, rolling around in the sand, swimming at the shoreline...Where as Drayden was a little afraid of the water and waves & the silly boy dumped a bucket full of sand on himself, he had a mouthful of sand with that. haha.

Taking in the sights and sound...

One of my favourite things to do is capture their father-daughter moments on camera. It just warms my heart whenever I see them together.

Blown away by the waveeesss!

3 kids, yay? haha.

Lovergirl <3 p="">


Chicken rice by the beach!

He had food in his mouth while I snapped this & I asked if he could smile. To which he nodded said "" then pointed to the camera to ask me to snap another pic and...

He smiled! hahahaha! Or at least he tried!

Nothing makes a mother happier than seeing the smile on her child's face.

I don't know if Ky is really small-sized or if Ade is really big size! They are only a year a part but Adelyn is more than a head taller than Kylie! & Drayden is a year younger than Ky but he's almost Ky's height!

Oh ya, & we saw a crab just minding his own business at the shore..

But you know how it is when there are kids around...we caught it to show the kids (don't worry, it was released back into the open waters shortly after).

Mandatory family shot!

Drayden with the crab in his bucket, not knowing what the hell to do with it. hahaha!

& naughty Kylie up to mischief again!

& that's Yanchin, Dray & Ade's mommy!

*cues pretty woman song*

"Just keep swimming...just keep swimming..."

Really appreciate Shane spending the day at the beach with us even though he had guard duty & little sleep the night before! Thank you babe, I hope you enjoyed your day with the kids nonetheless!

(insert caption here)

The lovebirds.

11 adults watching over a kid.

& that was all of us that day!

Somebody feeling like David Hasselhoff!

That's about it! I just got up from my nap after an excursion this morning with Kylie & her schoolmates! Will blog about it real soon so watch this space!

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