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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 7/11/2014

So if you've been following me on instagram, you'd know that Kylie got a balance bike as a present from her grandparents during Father's Day. (picture below)

I've been wanting to get Kylie one since I first heard about it from my dear friend Angel. For some reason, Angel's always up-to-date with the latest kids toys & no, she's not a mom, she's just a really big kid in the clique. haha. but it's good cause she keeps us all young like that.

My in-laws were saying that they wanted to get Kylie a four-wheel bicycle & I happened to see an offer for this JD Bug Billy Balance Bike in Toys 'R' Us & told Shane about it immediately, who texted my in-laws and got it for her the following week! Lucky girl!

Balance bikes are basically two-wheel kids bikes without pedals. The kids use their legs to run and learn to balance on two wheels at their own pace. They control the speed and they can stop anytime simply by not running. I'm not sure about other brands of balance bikes but the good thing about this one is that it comes with separate pedals that you can attach once your child gets the hang of riding a two-wheel bike. It's a much more effective way of getting your child to learn how to ride a bike! Kylie's been riding  it for about 5 times(?) & her balance has drastically improved! You can go search youtube videos on balance bikes & you'd see kids as young as two years old going at it on a two wheel balance bike like a pro!

Anyway, here are pictures & a video at the end on Kylie's 3rd time on her balance bike! The first time she was on it, she was a snail, but just 2 more times on it & she's able to life her legs up briefly already! She's improved tremendously since! She can now cruise along on her bike quite well!

& in case you were wondering, balance bikes usually cost over $200 here in Singapore, but Ky got hers at only $60+! I'm not sure if the promo's still on at Toys 'R' Us but you can check it out. There are also other brands of balance bikes like Strider or Cruzee. I also saw a really nice wooden one last year that I wanted to get for Kylie during her 2nd birthday!
This isn't the actual one that I saw but it looked something like that (with a red seat instead). So classic & nice right! But it was well over $200 bucks & I decided to get her a kitchen set from Ikea at the same price instead. 

& finally, here's a video of Kylie on her bike!

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