Kylie's photoshoot!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/26/2014

The fun part about having a daughter is getting to dress her up, pretend she's a cover girl for some baby magazine & give her a photoshoot and that's exactly what I did with Kylie! If you're a close friend of ours, you'd know just how much clothes Kylie has. She has a wardrobe of her own which is always overflowing with clothes despite me having to clear those that she's outgrown once every few months. But no complains though, lots of clothes is better than having no clothes at all! Most of her clothes are hand-me-downs and gifts from friends & relatives, Shane & I probably bought less than 10 pieces for her since her birth. She's really so loved and blessed & I'm a really thankful mother.

So anyway, I know you guys are waiting for me to get straight to the photos so here they are!
This one's my personal favourite! Simply adore the dungaree she's wearing, plus the bunny ears and her silly bunny pose. Too much to love!

Bimbo shot. Love this one too (okay, I love all the shots I took) & I think this one's Kylie's favourite too cause she got to paint her nails, for real! & she did a real good job pretending to talk on her toy phone. Couldn't say the same for her nail-painting skills though. She ended up with purple toes. hahaha!

Sporty spice! Going for the korean-ish look here.

Not everybody's cup of tea but I dressed her up as Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family & she pulled it off really well! Love how she gives that sinister look to top the whole look off!

Found a trench coat that my mom bought in her wardrobe & decided to pair it with her leopard print boots from Joell and the mini umbrella a relative got her.  Love how she can turn from evil-looking goth girl to a sweet demure angel in a snap! She was really so fun to shoot & her ability to pose really amused me!

I did have a bit of trouble cause shooting a toddler isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. It's as if they're in their own world even when the camera's in front of them. They'll sing if they want to sing, make silly faces, lie down even when you ask them to stand & most of all, try to snatch the camera away to be the photographer instead. Here's some pictures from behind the scenes!
She couldn't stop singing the "Incy Wincy Spider" at one point.
"The inch windy spider, climbing up the spout..."
& she couldn't stop fidgeting...

& thought it was hilarious when I got annoyed. Which was kind of hilarious in the end.

& she insisted on putting the head band on on her own.

She refused to take a shot standing up.

So I got her to "act cool".

Then her lip got itchy.

& then she refused to cooperate. Rascal.

So apparently, I interrupted her conversation & she had to put the person on hold while she replied me "huh?"

She was realllllyyyy engrossed in painting her toenails (or toes in this case) that she started holding the phone away from her ear & she didn't even realise it.

Looking like a real rebel here.

But even rebels have their soft side.

A smile makes a world of a difference doesn't it? So girls, your smile truly is your best makeup.

Before this demure pose there was...

The aspiring Statue of Liberty!
Give a toddler an umbrella and they go crazy with it.
Spinning it...

& spinning it, and flinging it all around.

But I sure enjoyed every bit of it! I'm sure Kylie enjoyed the little fashion shoot i did for her too! A pity I did it about half an hour before bed time so we could only manage five outfits before calling it a night. Besides, I think she was getting really sick of posing for the camera & really just wanted to play with the props I gave her. Maybe I'll do another shoot again some time! Until then, I hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

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