Angel's belated birthday picnic!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/10/2014

On Sunday, we spent the evening at Changi beach for a picnic with the girls to celebrate my dear friend, Angel's birthday but not without preparing a giant fruit tart and mini sausage puffs with Shane & Liying over at my place bright and early that morning! I was still glued to my bed when Liying came over to bake. heh. But it was worth all the effort! Liying did most of the work though *applause* wait till you see the result in the pictures below (if you haven't already seen it on my instagram: @acidlacedkisses)!
Really glad Shane's been joining me to gatherings with the girls and their plus ones these days. He used to shy away from the group cause he felt he couldn't "click" with them & I used to feel like a single mom in the group with just me and Ky while all the rest of the girls had their other half with them. You have no idea how much it means to me now that he's pretty much settled in with the group! It's always nice when your partner's friends with your clique/friends (except maybe when they become closer than you guys were & steal him away from you every other night for poker. HAHAHA just kidding, Mel!)

So anyway, back to the picnic. It was a simple celebration for Angel, chatting over dinner and enjoying the breeze but it was something I wish never ended. I felt so carefree and happy, having to work the next day gave me a real huge dose of Monday blues. I've known these girls since secondary school & now we're all in different points in our lives. A get together like this just makes you realise how far we've come as friends & also, sadly, how those carefree school days are gone forever. I'm glad we're still such a tight-knit bunch though. I'm really looking forward to each of our weddings, & to all of us sharing our experiences as mothers. They're the ones I know I can count on no matter the distance. The kind of friends you meet once a month or two but when you do, it's like things never changed. (This includes you too Yanchin! Just because you couldn't join us for the picnic that day doesn't mean you're forgotten!)

Just in case you guys are lost about who's who, here's a little introduction, because they're most probably not gonna be appearing on my blog only once.
This is Angel (The birthday girl) & her other half, Jasper.

Liying (the girl who can bake but cannot cook) & Jonathan, her boyfriend.

I'll introduce you to Chanel & Winson in a bit, but first..
THE PRETTY PEACH TART THAT LIYING MADE!!! Looks almost too good to be homemade right?!
& a fudgey chocolate cake from Chocolate Origin, what's a birthday without a cake eh?

Jonathan brought a selfie rod so we tested it while waiting for Chanel & Winson to buy food from the nearby Changi Village Hawker. Would totally come here for a picnic again since it's just a 15min bus ride from home & the availability of a hawker that we can just buy food from, fuss-free, instead of having to prepare food hours beforehand and end up eating them cold once you reach your picnic destination. Plus, there's a great sand playground where the kids can play as you watch them from your picnic mat!

Aha. That's Chanel & her soon-to-be husband, Winson there! How awesome is it to have sambal stingrays, lala (clams), hokkien mee, fried rice, cha kway teow etc. for a picnic?! Really, who needs fancy cupcakes, pastries and stuff when you've got these? The blue mat we got really made us look like construction workers during their lunch break but in our defence, it was cheap and really huge (what you see here is the mat folded in half!)

Happy Belated 12th (let the candles tell your real age) Birthday Babe! May you always be forever young (at heart) to keep us all in touch with our inner child even when we're 70! Here's to many many many more years of undying friendship and continue blossoming you pretty girl!

The cake we got from Chocolate Origin received praises from everyone (except Chanel, who hates dark chocolate & complained it was bitter even though we purposely ordered the normal chocolate cake instead of the dark chocolate one!). It was extremely chocolatey & full of fudge. So much so that it started melting a little under the sun. But still delicious, no less.

The Penny Board's been the subject of our clique ever since Angel started playing with it and got us all hooked on it. So far, 2 in the group's received a Penny Board as a birthday present while the rest bought theirs.

On top of the world giant web!

Kylie wanted in too so kind uncle Jasper actually crawled his way up the long slide with her on him, using every limb and ounce of his muscles. Hero for the night.

Happy Kylie eager to see the world from the top!

& Shane Selfie-ing while Penny Boarding. Hmm...

It's always a good time with them. I love how we always end up taking hilarious photos. Who cares about glamour when you're having fun!

(inside joke: girls, we forgot to replicate one of the most epic shots of our friendship. Yes, THAT one. Let's do it the next time round! & Yanchin, you're not spared! HAHA!)

Talk about fart bomb.

Kylie teaching us to pose...

Blown awayyyyyy!

Can't wait for the next time we meet! I always have such a great time with them, I end up going home feeling happy & sad at the same time cause I wish it could be like that all the time. Unfortunately, we're all adults now & life as an adult isn't that much fun. Thank God I have them to recharge me for life's lemons & to keep me sane. They aren't just friends, they're blessings in disguise. 

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