Bubble bath.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 5/08/2014

I recently stumbled across one of those cheesy mother-and-baby-having-a-bubble-bath photos on Google & thought it was really nice and sweet. I frequently take showers with Kylie & during one of those times, I asked Shane to help take photos of our precious bath time so I can look back at them in 5 years time. It won't be very long till I won't be able to have nice playful showers with Kylie & I wanted to capture the moment before it's too late cause she's growing up so fast.
We don't have a bathtub at home but I think Shane still captured our moments perfectly. Here are the shots that I edited and turned into black & white! So much love for every single one of them!

Just a whole load of love & sweetness in still frames. It's a wonder my heart hasn't exploded from trying to contain all the love that I have for this mini me.

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