Trip to River Safari!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 2/18/2014

On the 24th last month, the in-laws brought Kylie  I to the River Safari in celebration of Shane's mom's birthday! Unfortunately, Shane couldn't join us cause he booked out late that Friday. But we still had a pretty good time! Here are the photoooooos!
Kylie all dressed up for the River Safari! Complete with her cap and shades! & she insisted on bringing Kaidi (her stuffed panda) to show Kaikai &; Jiajia (the real pandas) haha! She had no problems waking up bright and early for our trip that day! She even told me "mommy, i wake up early!". I was a little worried that there might be mozzies there so I put on thin stockings for her, just in case.

A shot with my cutiepie while waiting for my in-laws to pick us up!

Mandatory tourist shot with the River Safari logo.

We booked our boat ride at 12:30pm then realized we wouldn't make it in time if we started off the "right" way which was through the left of the gate so we started from the end of the river safari instead cause the route to the boat ride was much shorter.

We saw the best exhibits first & I especially love the viewing gallery with all the manatees! They look so adorably dumb like Patrick starfish I wish I could snuggle them! JUST LOOK AT THOSE SHORT FLIPPERS COUPLED WITH THAT BODY SHAPE AND WAY TOO CUTE "DUH" FACE!!!

Piranhas! I think these fishes were the second main attraction of the River Safari, next to the Pandas. But the tank wasn't all that big & they weren't feeding or anything so it was not very fascinating. 

Electric eels can generate enough electricity to kill a child!

Cheeky squirrel monkeys.

BuDDieZxs 4 Lyfeeeee.

Your not-so-friendly neighbourhood monitor lizard.

I love how they had this enclosure filled with squirrel monkeys that we could enter. The monkeys are really cheeky buggers, they even jumped onto Kylie's pram while we weren't noticing and played with the toy on her pram as well! I heard one of the visitors got peed on as well so watch out when you're there! But other than that, the experience with the squirrel monkeys were a really interesting and fun one! They look exceptionally cute as well!

We had the opportunity to snap pictures with this pelican before we headed in for the boat ride. I didn't know pelican's were so huge! The pictures really don't do justice to its size. I'm standing at 1.7m tall and it's height is almost up to my shoulders! I think the poor guy can't fly, it tried to run and escape when it saw open skies nearby. He was hopping towards it in excitement trying to flap its wings. If it could talk, it would probably have screamed "FREEEEDOMMMM!!!" until its caretakers brought it back to pose for photos. ha.

That poor guy, still looking towards the nearest escape while we posed for a shot.

The boat ride, or Amazon River Quest was complimentary that day we went, I think it still is cause not all the animals were there yet. & I think it was a little to fast to see anything. Quite disappointing.

Kylie's too young for the ride so we had to take turns and do a "child swap".

Went on the ride with my brother-in-law, Ian after Shane's mom and dad.

Lazy red panda.

"just chillin'..."

The pandas were really cute! Unfortunately we only got to see Kaikai while shy Jiajia hid in her den. Kaikai's such a fluffy glutton, he just sat there stuffing himself with bamboo leaves. The only time he got up was to go to another spot to munch again. But he's really really adorable! Makes you want to bear hug it.


Grandpa threatening to give her beloved stuffed panda to the real pandas.

Learning about the kinds of food the pandas consume. It isn't just bamboo leaves!

Comparing paw/hand sizes!

A polar bear's paw is as big as Kylie's head!

Pampered child brought 2 friends home from the River Safari that day. Her grandpa bought her a polar bear plushie and a seahorse plushie.

Got a real treat after we came out from the Pandas' enclosure. Just outside, we got to see Inuka the Polar bear have it's lunch!

& away he goes! Even polar bears have to work for their food.

Inuka's more of the zoo's exhibit rather than the River Safari but we were really fortunate to watch it put on an intriguing dive show for us cause it was his feeding time. I think the best part of the whole trip was watching him feed.

Had our lunch at the panda cafe. They serve pretty good beef noodles!

Ian had a taste of the panda pau, which he said wasn't all that great.

See you later alligator.


Some bird scratching its armpit....

& Kylie intently watching the documentary on how they moved the animals to their respective tanks.

More monkeys. We got to see them swim and grab their food from the bottom of the tank(?)

Uhmm, Kylie, I hate to kill your swag but...There's a croc behind you.

My favourite fish! Pufferfish! Although, I've never seen one puffed up before :(

Don't know what is it with this girl and the animal sculptures, she ran towards it and asked for a picture...but i'd give it to her, it's cute!

& thus, I end this post with a photo of my in-laws feeding Kylie to a croc. haha.

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