By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/29/2014

So, amidst the stress and anxiety, being jobless has it's perks too. Like...having the entire week with Shane since he was given a week's leave after his POP! After recuperating & getting back all that lost energy, Shane took the initiative (army really does change a boy to a man! haha!) to plan a trip for us to the Universal Studios for us to spend some quality time together & for me to stop stressing out lest I tumble into the pit of depression. It was a much needed break for us both! Just having the entire day to ourselves while we left Kylie in the care of our parents, I can't recall the last time we went on a so-called date!

We wanted to save time and money so we brought LJS in but were stopped at the gate (heh.) NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS ALLOWED. B-B-B-But...but...the food in there is exorbitant! Thanks but no thanks, I'd rather eat outside USS.

When we were done downing our food, we were too damn full for rides & we happened to notice that the Monster Rock show was coincidentally starting so yay!

The Monster Rock crew, it was relatively entertaining. I liked Dracula a lot, his costume made him look really suave. Unfortunately, he's blocked by she-wolf (i think) in this picture.

Spaghetti Space Chase! This ride was really cute! I love the part where we travelled through the stars! The last time we came, this ride still wasn't opened yet so this one was a real eye opener for us!

I love the surreal feel USS creates with all the decor and all!

On to our favourite ride! The Transformers!

Sigh, the snaking queue, I really hate to queue but Universal Express is a few tens more, boo.

We were reeeeeaaaaallllyyyy psyched to conquer Battlestar Galactica again but it was closed for maintenance :( Shane was extremely bummed, he's mood sorta took a nosedive & I had to try to get his spirits up again so our day wouldn't be ruined!


The Treasure something ride...The most boring ride in the entire USS, waste of time queuing. idek wtf was that, even the rides at night markets are a whole lot more interesting. 

Shane: " Why you like to take pictures with all these ah?"

...And they lived happily, ever, after. Until they realize they got photobombed.

A queue for everything, even to take pictures with this chubby guys. 

Prior to this, I had no idea that my husband has NEVER rode on a carousel before!

I think we look cuter than the monsters here. (haha)

Steven Spielberg's Lights, Cameras, Action! gave us a really cool insight on what goes on in an action studio!

Oh nothing...just a hobo sitting by the parking meter...

The I'm-gonna-open-the-door-that-won't-open shot.

We will meet again Battlestar Galactica!!!!!!!

After our day at USS, Shane brought me to his old workplace that he's been raving about since we got together 4 years ago! Fat Boys Burger Bar! When he was working there, they only had one outlet in Marymount but I think they've opened a few outlets since.

Real good French Onion soup to kill the wooziness cause we went backwards on the Canopy ride which was also our last ride & I ended up throwing up at the mrt station. 


I mixed and matched my own burger...which was a total flop. heh. Would come back again & try another burger though!

& Shane's burger which was really good! I think he had the Whimpy or something. Can't remember but NOMZ! I love how thickly sliced they're cheese is, I wanna go back & try burger with triple cheese :B

So yeah, that was our date that day! Don't know when's our next but I'm certainly looking forward to it!

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