Butterflies, waves and sand.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/15/2014

On the first Saturday of the year, Shane & I decided to bring our little one to Sentosa for our family day! We bought tickets to the butterfly park located at the Imbiah station in Sentosa at $16/adult. Kylie went in free of course. But I'd say the 16 bucks we paid was really not worth it. The butterfly park was poorly maintained and there wasn't much to see. In fact, the fragile forest in the Singapore Zoological Gardens had so much more to offer. I wouldn't recommend the Butterfly park one bit, I totally should have read reviews about it beforehand, then I probably wouldn't head there at all. We did have a little fun checking out the various insects though but it wasn't anything fantastic. Alright, I know you can't wait to see pictures of Kylie so...here we go!

Kylie's getting really heavy these days, so whenever we intend to bring her out outdoors for an entire day, we'd take her stroller along as well. That way, we don't have to keep carrying her, she can have her nap in her stroller & it doubles up as a bag carrier!

On our way up to the butterfly park, there was this small area where guests can take photos with the birds, at a cost of $25 if I'm not wrong.

 Welcome to the mediocre, really not that awesome butterfly park.

 Scorpion queen!

 Caged up Toucan in the middle of the park, how random. haha.
 I wanted to bring Kylie here because she learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly in school & I wanted her to see what real cocoons looked like. It was kind of a first for me too so this was pretty cool but they were all in a glass exhibit & we didn't get to see any caterpillars (boo).

A newly "hatched" butterfly, its wings were still wet so it couldn't fly yet.

 After the butterfly enclosure, we proceeded to the next - the bird enclosure!
 We learnt that this, is not a peacock. It's actually a pigeon! The biggest of it's kind!

 Hello little bird!

 My first experience with an Iguana!! I love it's expression here, it was yawning but it seemed as though it was saying "AH! SHE TOUCHED ME! AHHH!!!"

 Shane's worst nightmare. This was as close as he would get...zooming in using the camera. haha!
 & our dear Kylie putting up a brave front! She didn't dare touch the Iguana or the butterflies though!

Then we went on to the insect kingdom where we could  check out all the cool insects! The place, was as I said, poorly maintained though, it was as if nobody bothered to keep the place alive & the insects were just placed there to live & die.

 Crickets buffet.

 I love how we saw really cool insects that we don't get to see everyday although there weren't very many. One of those was this flower mantis!
& this GIANT stick insect *cringe* imagine having this crawl up to you!

 Frames and frames of butterflies & other insects! Thousands of them!

 We just had to. hahaha.
 The typical snake charmer you see at various tourist spots.

After our visit to the butterfly park, we headed to Palawan beach and jumped into our swim suits! The Port of Lost Wonders (POLW) water playground for kids was just nearby but I wanted us to have a good picnic by the beach, getting close to nature instead! & to save us time preparing food since we had to leave the house quite early that day, we bought sushi, chips and some buns from Vivo City's Giant before we took the monorail to Sentosa! Our sushi tasted horrible by then though haha.

All her sand toys were at my in-law's place so I bought one for her at the nearby 7-11, cost me $13 but she had great fun with it so I'd say it was worth the $13!

Little girl was a daredevil, she waddled into the sea, neck-deep without a tinge of fear!

Love how happy she looks (: I could tell she really enjoyed playing at the beach! A pity the rain came after a couple of hours and we had to head for shelter. Yesterday morning, when Shane & I sent her to school, she suddenly said in a soft & very shy tone, "Thank you Mommy & Daddy for bringing me to the beach." It was really heart-warming, especially when it came out of nowhere! We weren't even on the topic or anything but she just thanked us, such a sweetheart, that instantaneously made our day.

 We continued our picnic under the shelter while waiting for the rain to stop! Here's the sweetie pie sharing a bun with her daddy! Awww...
After the rain subsided, we decided to head out to the beach again, Kylie was a great help when it came to shifting all our stuff indoors then back out again!

Unfortunately, the rain came down again so we decided to get showered & head to the animal show at the Palawan Amphitheater just beside the toilet! By the time we were done showering, the rain stopped again (PMS-y weather, grr...) so we went ahead as planned!

Little one got sleepy before the show...

But once the show started...

She was wide awake again! We had the best seat, right in front of the presenters and animals!

This presenter was really entertaining & the show was really good (although it only lasted for 15 minutes before the rain came down again and they had to cancel the show *sigh*)

The hawks and all were flying over the audience, it was a real eye-opener! & best of all, the show was free of charge! You just have to catch the show times that's all!

Tired baby, tired mommy.

Headed back to Vivo City via monorail & had Long John Silver's for dinner while the baby slept. We chanced upon a shop that allowed kids to do window painting art right infront of Long John's! We'd been wanting to bring Ky to do one for the longest time but we didn't know where any of these shops disappeared to so it was really a perfect timing!

  Chose an artwork with big spaces knowing she would practically spam paint on it and tiny details wouldn't do any good for a kid her age!

She wanted black & I didn't want to restrain her creativity. Technically, she used almost every colour there was!

 The outcome. Before it got popped into the oven!

Baked & ready to be peeled off!

Yay! Proud princess with her very first window art!

Had a really good time as a family, finally some quality time together after so long. December was just jam-packed with Christmas gatherings and wedding dinners. This trip was a really relaxing break from the festive hoo-ha & we definitely had a great time together. It wasn't an expensive trip or anything extravagant but it held so much value. Would surely go on a picnic again with my two lovers!

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