Ah boy to man.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/20/2014

Attended Shane's Passing Out Parade (P.O.P) last Saturday together with my in-laws and Kylie. The day marked a very significant time in Shane's military life, it was a time of closure & also a new beginning. The recruits had to march 24km through the night before the parade and anyone can tell that it's not an easy thing to accomplish. It requires both mental and physical strength & as the wife of one of those recruits, I felt very very proud that day. 

My pride cannot be compared to what my in-laws must have felt that day, seeing their son grow & mature through the years, & becoming more responsible person through the intensive training during his BMT, i could only imagine how proud they must've felt.

While eagerly waiting to see my soldier. I just had to take a selfie. ha.

Love how the sunrise and the architecture of the helix bridge and MBS gave such a beautiful backdrop.

Kylie was pretty cranky while we were waiting cause we had to wake up really early & well, she isn't quite the morning person.

Had to coax her into taking a good photo...

All the eager eyes set on the recruits as they march out onto the floating platform!

I can't help but to smile every time I see photos of them marching from afar. They look so small and cute like toy soldiers.

"Where's my daddy??"

Thank God I had an awesome camera that allowed me to zoom in to this extent. I was trying really hard to spot Shane but to no avail :(

Welcoming the recruits with an applause.

The best recruits making their way to receive their awards.

Yupp, not a morning person. haha.

The best recruit in Shane's company (unfortunately, this isn't Shane.)

Love how my camera could zoom into as far as the merlion from where we were seated!

 The march pass...
 & the talented military band!

Recruits doing the SAF roar. Look how happy they are. haha!

POP LOHHHH!!!! All caps in the air as they announced them as the newly trained soldiers! No longer recruits!

 Spot Shane.

Had to make our way through the crowd, all the way to the back of the platform where Shane's coy was. 

"Where are you daddy???"

Big hugs for his little one! :)

Proud parents.

A shot with a couple of his bunkmates, the ones who stuck with him through mud, sweat and tears.

I present you, Private Shane Joseph! 

Because love knows no...sweaty smell. hahaha. Yeah, he stank quite a bit after that 24km route march but that's expected so, still, kisses for my soldier!

& a kiss for his little girl who didn't complain of his stink at all! haha!

Spent the past week with Shane & Kylie cause Shane had a week's leave after his POP. He got his posting on Friday & he just went to camp this morning. Unfortunately, he's required to stay in. At least during the first 9 weeks. So frustrating, but thankfully, he'll be able to book out everyday after that 9 weeks. Going through phase after phase, I really can't wait to get to the part where Shane's come out to work & we're all financially stable so I won't have to keep stressing out big time. Especially since I resigned from my previous work place 2 weeks ago...Still looking for a job & waiting for more calls...I'm considering going back to banking again. It might not be what I like but as long as it brings in the money & gives me ample time to spend with my family, I'll learn to be content.

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