Love is...

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 12/16/2013

While everyone has their own perception on what love is, this, is mine.
Love is holding her in my arms for the very first time.

Love is bringing her into this world against all odds.

Love is celebrating our first Christmas together.

Love is being there to witness her first win.

Love is smiling whenever she smiles.

Love is buying a useless dolphin hat on our first trip to Underwater World just so she'd look ridiculously adorable, nothing else.

Love is just cuddling in bed.

Love is letting her drive around the house without a license, banging into furniture and people.

Love is teaching her to smile for the camera.

Love is playing hide and seek even though she hides in the same place all the time.

Love is seeing her don her school uniform for the first time.

Love is hugging her just cause she's crying and she needs it.

Love is embracing the beauty of being a young family.

Love is holding her hand & being her guide.

Love is throwing a small birthday party for her in school & seeing her face light up.

Love is being comforted by her little actions even when she has a cast on one arm.

Love is that great relief in knowing she's alright.

Love is playing with her even though you've outgrown the playground.

Love is having her greet you with a smile, first thing in the morning.

Love is the sound of her laughter.

Love is letting her get her feet dirty, splashing puddles just cause it makes her happy.

Love is giving her a bubble bath.

Love is catching a movie in the theatres together. (Who says you're too young?)

Love is having her back in your embrace after a 5-day holiday.

Love is watching her indulge in a sugar donut.

Love is getting kisses on your birthday.

Love is having a dance with your princess.

Love is coming back home to hugs and kisses.

Love is the exhilaration that overwhelms you when she swims on her own for the very first time.

Love is taking funny photos together.

Love is the peace and serenity you get when you watch her sleep.

Love is dressing her up and pretending she's a baby model.

Love is bringing her down in the evenings to discover the world.

Love is watching her make new pals.

Love is nurturing her inner Van Gogh.

Love is sharing a bowl of ice kachang.

Love is having her wake up in the morning just to see you off to work.

 Love is what I've found in her. Love is Kylie Danielle Joseph.

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