By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/01/2013

Celebrated my 21st at the SAF Seaview resort. Super stoked when I saw the place! Had a brilliant view of the sea which looked even more gorgeous during sunset! If you're wondering how to book the chalet, it has to be balloted through the SAF's intranet and only NSF or regulars are able to ballot. Also, it's a mandatory 4D3N booking & weekdays are half the price compared to weekend bookings. Here's some pictures I took the moment we checked in! So clean and sleek!

 Love how everything is provided. Even an indoor grill just in case it rains!
 Most chalets have really lousy amenities but this one's really good! They provide an icebox, a nice large refrigerator, bbq equipments & even the bathrooms are really nice! Sadly i didn't take a photo of the bathrooms!

I love the outdoor area just in front of the chalet. It creates ample room for guests to chill, drink and eat with the beautiful backdrop of the sea.

 I gave my party an "Alice in Wonderland" theme, had so many brilliant ideas prior to the party but I didn't have the time to craft out everything and get it all set up on my own. So the only thing that was "wonderland-ish" was the photobooth props! Quite bummed that the texts in the speech bubbles are kinda eligible on camera though :(

A shot with my mother-in-law & father-in-law. Would like to thank them very very much for welcoming me into the family with open arms despite the big bomb Shane & I dropped on them, & for their love, care & hospitality all this while. Not to mention, thank you for booking the chalet for me as a birthday present! I really didn't expect it & I'm very grateful! Thank you!

I catered food from a company called Nonya Manis & the food was very well-received by all the guests! It's nonya food & boy, was it sumptuous! The only downside's the service. Food's one of the best catering I've tasted but the service makes me not wanna order from them again.

My sweet pea (:

My favourite part of the party! I couldn't wait to show everyone my pretty birthday cake!
Ordered a pink ombre rosette cake from Shiberty's Sweets (@shiberty), had it layered with oreo cream on the inside, & decorated with vanilla roses! I was even more excited to cut the cake cause I had it done ombre on the inside too!

A better shot of the cake that I stole from @shiberty's instagram! Really happy with the outcome & it left the guests speechless! It was SO GOOD that most of the guests took a second slice! A couple of my friends even had 6 slices! Not one slice was left! My cousin even said "WOW! Your cake looks so nice & it tastes good too, you have set the standard for cakes!" Super thankful to Jessica for baking a cake fit for Wonderland!

 With my family. So blessed that Daddy could make it for my birthday despite the major operation he had just 2 weeks before. It meant a lot that he was there. & if not for my mom, the party would not have been possible. She asked me to invite my extended family & paid for the catering. She also took the extra effort to buy bbq food cause she was afraid the guests wouldn't have enough to eat. & when we ran out of beer and drinks, she made her way down to the store to with my uncle to get drinks even before I could ask anyone to help get them. I'm so thankful for the love of my parents and all they've done for me these 21 years, for believing in me when others didn't and for loving me unconditionally. & my brother too, for keeping me in check and caring for me in your own ways though your words are few. Without my family, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I owe all of my existence to them.

 Ryan, Pat & John! I have to give them special thanks or I'd be letting myself down! Thank you for helping me out at the party when I was left stranded! I really don't know what I'd do without you guys! We grew pretty close within 2 years but it feels like a lifetime of friendship! I love how Shane & I can talk to you guys about anything & how you're always there for Kylie and for us! I know I've said this once too many but we're so blessed to have you guys as friends! Thanks again guys!
 Poker Khakis. HAHAHA. Who would've known we'd grow to be so close even after secondary school. Poker's definitely bonded us & it's good to see that my friends are Shane's friends too!

 My girls! They've been with me since secondary school, seen the best and worst of me, know me inside out and still stick with me through it all! You girls are treasures to me & I'm thankful cause knowing you girls has made me a better person. So much has changed since secondary school, but I know I can always count on you girls.

 & of course, Shane, who invited all his friends and it almost seemed as though he enjoyed the party more than I did. haha! Thanks for being there for me through it all, & for loving me for who i am. I'm sorry I snapped at you during the party, still you forgave me like you do all the time and took me into your embrace again. I don't know what it is about you but I love you babe.

That's about it! Just want to end off with a thank you to everyone who took the time off to attend my party and celebrate the day with me. Hope you enjoyed yourselves! & I'm sorry if I wasn't a good host! I was all over the place that night, I didn't know what I was doing or where I was the whole time. heh! Oh yes, not forgetting Shaun and Gerald who couldn't make it to the actual day of my party cause they were knocked out from staying up the night before and helping me collect the cake the next day. Thanks for helping me run errands for the party guys!

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  1. Hi Esther! Does the resort provide an extra table for you to put your cake? Or Is that your own table?