A rite of passage

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/10/2013

So, quite a bit has changed within the last week. Firstly, I've moved back to my parents' place so there's one more person to watch over my dad since he's still recovering from his operation. He'd recuperating well so far & I just pray for complete healing over him.

Second of all & probably the biggest change in my life as yet is that Shane's enlisted into the Army today. Very thankful for the friends who've texted me to check on how i'm doing but I assure you guys that all is well & Kylie and I are doing just fine :) Shane's gonna go through BMT for 17 weeks? Cause he's in the PTP batch and I will only be seeing him 3 weeks from now so technically, from now till the end of his BMT I'll be kinda like a single mother lol. Only gonna have him on weekends but right now, I feel that it's a good phase for him to go through. At least he'll learn to treasure time with Kylie more & realize how much he's been missing out. Hopefully the Army will bring out the best in him and condition him to be a more responsible person who takes more initiative in things!

Currently, i'm lying in bed blogging via my Iphone & waiting for his call. Pretty exhausted from today's events actually but I'm trying my very best to stay awake! About half an hour more to his personal admin time...

I hope i'll be able to cope without having him around often for the next few months, & I hope we won't have to live like that the entire 2 years of his national service. Crossing my fingers and praying that he'll get posted to some 9-5 job once his BMT is over. Thankfully for now, I have my mom to help me out with Kylie a bit. Shouldering all these responsibilities alone can be quite daunting at times. I've to constantly remind myself that there are better days ahead. 

Alright, Shane just called & I had a short chat with him, seems like he's doing okay so far. I can sleep without worries now, haha. Goodnight!

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