By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/05/2013

2 years ago, on this date (05/08/2011), at exactly 8:27pm, my babygirl Kylie Danielle Joseph was born! I vividly remember the first time I set my eyes on her, it was so surreal & I was in half disbelief that I actually brought such a perfect little girl into this world. She's grown so much since then & her development never ceases to amaze me. Kylie's the joy & light in our families. She's always been a happy, bubble baby from day 1, & I love how she just spreads all the happiness to everyone around her. & to celebrate the birth of my precious little angel, we brought her to celebrate her birthday with her classmates during their teatime! Cutest thing ever seeing the kids gather around the cake & Kylie looking all gleeful and shy!
T'was a mad rush in the early afternoon cause we went to visit my Dad who's in hospital after a major operation, he's recovering really well though & I thank God for preserving my Dad & keeping him under His wing the whole time. The past few weeks leading up to the surgery and the few days after, my heart just felt so heavy & hurt. I was afraid of losing my dad, and to see my Dad hooked up to machines and a respirator in the ICU made my heart plummet. I'm so glad and so relieved he's a lot better now & I give God all the thanks & glory for seeing my Dad through it. 

That aside, while we were leaving the ward to IKEA to buy Kylie's birthday present before heading to her school, Kylie asked my parents in the sweetest tone "You want to follow me?". The innocence of a child, a bittersweet scene watching my babygirl ask her grandma and granddad to celebrate her birthday with her while my dad's hooked up to machines with a long stitched up wound down the middle of his belly, & across to the side of his waist. It put a smile on all our faces despite us knowing that my dad can't leave the room. But the face that she asked on her own accord, made a world of a difference.

So yeah, we scooted off to IKEA, all the while rushing to meet her school's teabreak timing, lugged her huge present home, grabbed the party hats, goodie bags while our good friend Pat helped pick up the cake & boom! We're at her school right on the dot!
I shall reveal what her birthday present is when it's fully fixed! So glad to see her just thrilled to see it & start playing with it even though it's only half ready! I'll probably post a photo of her playing with her birthday present on Instagram so if you'r really curious, you can look out for it on my instagram (search: acidlacedkisses)!

 Kylie with her huge bag of goodies for her classmates above! 
 That's Casey! The cute little rascal who has bitten Kylie several times since the first day. They enrolled into infant care at the same time but Casey's 2 weeks older. She's super cute! While we were singing 'happy birthday' to Kylie, she pointed at Kylie & gave her the cheekiest look! 

 We gave her a Pooh bear themed birthday and got Pooh's party hats and goodie bags with Pooh's party stuff for the kids!

 Kylie handing out the goodie bags to her friends! That's her "boyfriend" right there! haha! Raoul's Indian Chinese too & quite a handsome lad I would say, he's super adorable too! Love that kid!
Nothing beats seeing a smile on my baby's face (:

 What's a Pooh bear party without a Pooh bear cake? Got this one from Bengawan Solo, it's vanilla sponge cake with fresh strawberries and cream. It's really good & the kids loved it! Actually hunted several bakeries for a Pooh bear cake but after looking at 4 bakeries & finding out they didn't bake Winnie the Pooh cakes, I was starting to panic. Thank God Bengawan Solo sells them!

 The kids and their party hats! Cute or what?!

 All drooling over her cake, they couldn't wait to eat it! haha!

 Right before singing her birthday song! There's a video at the end of this post of the kids singing for Kylie. More like just the adults seeing for her actually, Raoul was looking all grumpy throughout, while Casey was busy giving Kylie cheeky looks & the rest of the kids just stoned. hahaha!

Group shot!

Kylie & Raoul looking intently at each other, oblivious to their surroundings. hmm...

One with her teachers, Teacher May & Zhang Lao Shi!
Do the twist! Kylie turns two! & i don't know why Raoul looks so angry there hahaha!

My pretty little princess, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLIE DEAR! MOMMY & DADDY & ALOT MORE OTHERS LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH! YOU MEAN STARS AND MOUNTAINS TO US ALL! & yeah, you're so pretty today & everyday of course, that Raoul's admiring you again right there! hahaha!

 Asked Raoul to smile for a picture & he gave this face instead! Why so cute! 

 Stuffing themselves with cake! Quite amazed, they are all pretty neat eaters!

So that's about it! We had dinner with John & Pat at the Five Drunken Rabbits after. Love the ambience there, it's located at Pasir Ris park, a quaint little bistro to just chill & enjoy a good meal & a few drinks. Quite a romantic place for a date too! & a shout out to Patrina, Thanks for helping us with Kylie's birthday, picking up the cake, taking photos for us and all! Love you Auntie Pat! XOXO.

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