Kylie's first cycling trip!

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 6/09/2013

Didn't realize it's been about 3 weeks since I updated my blog, been sitting my butt on this post for way too long so here it is, finally. On Vesak day, I knew I HAD to go out cause I didn't want to waste the day at home just like that. My off days are so precious I hate spending it at home doing nothing. So I woke Shane up with a plan to bring Kylie to the pet farm down the road since she loves dogs. Shane thought it was a stupid idea though so when our favouritesttttt couple called to see if we wanted to join them to cycle in the nearby park, he was more than happy to say yes. I totally didn't mind though, as long as we got out instead of staying home. I know my previous post was a tsunami of words so rejoice! Because THIS post is filled with pictures! YAYYYY!!!

Dressed her up in her new clothes that I bought from Cotton On Kids, the denim short's mad love. It goes with almost anything! Loving how much of a little big girl she looks right there.


Her first time on a bicycle! I don't know why she looks so shocked in the picture above, maybe she was afraid she'd fall, judging from the way she's gripping the seat. Silly girl :)

We stopped by the stable halfway to check out the ponies, it really piqued Kylie's interest...for a short while that is. You know how short kids' attention spans are.


Love seeing her splash in the puddles, she looks genuinely happy. Puts a smile on my face just seeing her face light up with joy. Such simple pleasures.

Because I said I was gonna upload pictures of the day on my blog, they just had to. HAHAHA!
We've always loved hanging out with John & Pat, they're like family, like Kylie's second parents. Shane & I are really blessed to have friends like them (:

Was quite surprised Kylie made very little fuss on the bicycle. Shane & I always wanted to bring her out to cycle but we were afraid she'd make a ruckus & try to force her way out of the toddler seat. On the contrary, she enjoyed it so much, she just sat there singing away while we cycled, too cute!
We only cycled for two hours & it didn't feel like it was enough. The weather was pretty cloudy at the start but by evening, the heat became quite horrid. We were all sweaty & sticky at the end of it. 
What better way to end the day than with a relaxing bubble bath?

 A bottle of milk later, she fell into a sweet slumber. Such a great day spent & with the best company.

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