Mother's Day

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 5/13/2013

The Eve of Mother's Day gave me a reason to dress up, slap those make up on & feel good! I love dolling up, who doesn't? Ran to four places on Saturday, started with work & then met up with Shane & Kylie after to pay my grandmother a visit (: Good to see her looking more alert and radiant...
Anyway, here's some silly pictures of Kylie just cause I know you guys dig it. haha.

Had a celebratory Mother's Day dinner with the Josephs after my appointment with the dentist. Didn't get to enjoy my dinner very much because my dentist made my braces extremely tight that day >.<
Still a little sore. Gotta remind myself, NO PAIN NO GAIN!

Spent the actual Mother's Day with my beloved mother & gave my folks a lunch treat at MOF. Here's Kylie's OOTD that day!

So cute, my summer baby.

& yes, of course, MY OOTD yesterday. I'm vain & I know it.

 Sweetness overload. Kylie feeding her Daddy (above)
Kylie playing stickers with her granddad which he bought for her :')

Simple well-spent Mother's Day with the people I love.

I realize I don't blog like how I used to. Like, I would come to a mind block & not know what to type. I know my blog posts are damn boring. heh. Don't know when I'll snap out of it but I feel like I don't have much to say.
I've quite a lot going for me right now. My heart's been feeling very heavy cause of some family matters. This fear...and a tinge of sadness. I don't know...I love my parents very much & I wish I could do more for them but I can't & it sucks to feel so helpless. Sigh. I don't even know how to say how I'm feeling. Only Shane knows cause I poured my heart out to him, literally cried in his arms just pouring out all that I'd been feeling the entire Friday. I guess crying really does help a little. & prayer, yes. I don't wanna sound all pious and what not. But God has always been my strength & comfort. The one person I turn to everytime life throws me a punch. & no matter what goes on in my life, whether good or bad, I thank God for everything I have, everything He has blessed me with. He never fails to bring me out of my slump. & He brings me out as a better person each time. I'll praise Him even in this storm.

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