A fishy affair.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 5/04/2013

Last Saturday, Shane & I brought Kylie to the S.E.A Aquarium & it was a real eye opener! It's the world's biggest aquarium & I absolutely LOVE marine life so when we FINALLY found the time to go there, I was THRILLED. Kylie fell asleep on our way there so when we got there, I woke her up & the minute she opened eyes she was faced with a huge ass tank 1000000X the size of her, I think she was in disbelief cause she rubbed her eyes twice as if to check if she was dreaming hahaha! Alrighty, less words more pictures! Here are some of my favourite shots from the whole album! Enjoy!

 The stingrays are incredibly cute! How can anything so cute be so deadly!!

 In awe. We were looking at the Dolphins. Didn't take any shot of them cause they were doing dives into the water, too fast. Plus, they were a huge attraction, just see the crowd behind us.

 Had to carry her on my shoulders so she could get a glimpse of the dolphins. If you ever want to go, I'd say go on a weekday or wait till the hype dies down. Maneuvering with a pram was such a hassle & people were just crowding in front of the tanks, rude kids pushed their way through just to get to the front.

The jellyfishes are SOOOO PRETTYYY!!! I can just sit & stare at the float around & not get sick of it!

 THIS. THE OCEAN DOME. IS MAGNIFICENT. It's so friggin' huge! & they play this endless mystical magical harry potter-like music, I don't know how long we sat in front of the tank just taking in all of it. The serenity and all despite the crowd, simply amazing. Shane & I were saying we could stay there all day just looking at the gigantic rays & schools of fishes do their thing. I think this is the highlight of the whole place. Breath-taking.

Best shot out of the whole album. So much love in one photo.

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Overall, the place was really worth our money. Can't you tell just how excited I was? *points to picture above* Was kinda bummed we missed the touch pool cause people crowded the whole place & i didn't see it until we were exiting the place. Would've gone back to the touch pool but we had to re-queue to re-enter & the queue then was crazy long, our jaws literally dropped. Would totally go a second time! It's not just intriguing for the kids but I think adults would be awestruck as well. Everything there is just WOW. You've to make a trip there yourself to know what I mean!! Loved it!

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