Faith. (13/03/13 - delayed post)

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 3/14/2013

Brought the princess to have her hand checked by the bone specialist early this morning! & if you don't already know fron my facebook / twitter / instagram, Kylie's hand is fine! Thank God! So it was a pulled elbow after all! Been praying for her healing & all & i'm so glad God's heard my prayers and made her well so praise God!

Gonna meet the favourite couple, John & Pat for dinner later! Can't wait to meet 'em & check out Pat's new tatt! Don't know why but I'm feeling so happy even though it's midweek.

Oh yes, tomorrow will be my last day working in the Pasir Ris branch, I'll be permanently stationed at City Plaza branch from now on. Boo. No more 5 minutes walk to work & back, no more coming home during lunch break. But who knows, maybe I'll like it better there!

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