Cracked & casted.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 3/10/2013

Blogging from my iphone right now & today's blog topic isn't anything happy to talk about. Kylie got herself hurt in school on Thursday. That day I was at work later than usual cause of a meeting I'd to attend. So my mother-in-law picked her up that day & on their way back home from school, Kylie kept telling my m-i-l that her hand was "pain". I thought nothing of it since the school didn't say a thing about her falling or anything, but i noticed that apart from her telling me that her elbow hurts, she also cried when i bent or straightened her arm. In the night wheb she slept, i heard her wake up a few times, whimpered, said "pain, pain" then fall back asleep.

Since she could still use her hand as per normal, I left her in school the next day, informing her teacher first of course, then scooted of to work with the intention of bringing her to KK Hospital's a&e to get it checked after i knocked off. At the hospital, the doctor's passed it off as a pulled elbow upon examining that she was still using her hand well & asked us not to worry about it, that it'll heal on it's own & it's generally common in kids.

My gut however told me it couldn't be this simple so i convinced the doctor it should be more than that since she'll cry whenever i bend her arm. She then agreed with me after i showed her how Kylie reacted when her arm's bent & advised us to have her go for an X-ray. When the report came out, I instantly felt bad for making Kylie wait out one whole day before bringing her to the doctor's. I'd been changing offs and taking urgent leaves so often so I thought, this time, I'd put work first but the one time I did, i never thought i'd feel so horrid about it.

The doctor suspects a hairline crack on her elbow, right where Kylie kept pointing to us & telling us "pain". It's unconfirmed yet & we've to go back to the bone specialist on Wednesday but I think itms more or less a crack. She still complains of pain & the doctor had her put on a cast to prevent aggravating the injury. It really breaks my heart to see my precious baby girl in a cast & to hear her tell me "pain" every so often. I don't know what to say to her except "I know dear, I'm sorry". I feel so helpless when she tells me of the pain in her arm & the only comfort i get is from praying for her healing.

I'd spoken to her teachers & they insist that she had not fallen in school or anything. My mother-in-law says she might have hurt herself when she was lying on the school's "japanese-block-looking pillow" & in excitement upon seeing my mother-in-law, fallen off the pillow the wrong way. I think most parents would be furious at the school but since her teachers are definitive about her not falling, i think that my m-i-l's account is the only reasonable explanation to her cracked arm. It's no point pressuring the teachers or school about the situation since it's most likely that she'd fallen the wrong way & I don't think it would've been easy to detect it if Kylie wasn't able to talk & tell us that her hand hurts. So thank God that Kylie's a smart child. The school still allows me to make claims though. I think i's be furious if they didn't since she got hurt in school.

Gonna feedback to the school's supervisor about the pillow & suggest that they change it to a proper pillow or at the very least, just for Kylie. Can't blame anyone for this accident but i believe that they since the pillow's kind of the cause, they should have it changed to avoid any other kids getting injured. For now, my baby girl's hand is wrapped up in bandages & she has an arm sling on but she's still the cheeky, happy little girl she's always been.

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