Carpe Diem (delayed post - 18/03/13)

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 3/19/2013

Hellooooo!! It's my off day today, had my dental appointment early this afternoon & now I'm waiting for Chanel to knock off from work so that we can hang out. Left Shane to care for Kylie today, haven't had this much time to myself in ages!

I spent the past two hours walking aimlessly around Tampines Mall & my legs are aching sore now but it's bliss. Just to have free time like that. Good to feel my age once in a while haha.

So anyway, I was rambling on twitter for about ten consecutive tweets & since I've so much to think out loud, I decided to think it here instead. Almost bought a paperback novel of my favourite kind of literature, chick lit. Read the blurb & it piqued my interest, was so ready to grab & go but I figured I should read it a little first. Thank God i did cause after the first paragraph, I realized it's written in third person narration & i don't know but there's something about third person narrative novels that i don't quite fancy. Especially when it comes to chick lit. The whole point is to fall in love from the protagonist's point of view & feel exactly how she feels. Just don't see how third person narration can achieve that. Think it's damn boring with third person narration.

Side tracking, I was talking to my parents yesterday about my career, future & all & daddy was telling me that if i want to take a degree, i should take something of my interest since a degree's gonna cost a bomb. But I realize that the careers i wish to embark on have crazy working hours that i can't commit to. Design is one, journalism is another, mass communication & media's also ruled out. I think i'm destined to stick to boring but relatively-good paying jobs. Ha.

Earning money doing what you love is perfection but perfection comes with sacrifice & i guess i'm just not ready for perfection.

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