By Esther Rachel Lai. - 12/21/2012

Hi guys! Omg, can't believe I'm actually blogging again. Feels kinda surreal to be up this late and typing away instead of being asleep! Best part, I just got home. Which is no biggy for any other girl my age but I usually get home at around five in the evening and sleep at 10pm cause i'll be exhausted from work & running around chasing Kylie.

Sooooo....today, I went out with Joel, Gerard, Hanny & Hansen. Met them for lunch at Peach Garden Restaurant and brought Kylie with me but I left her with my mother-in-law after lunch cause we were gonna head to Orchard & Kylie needed her rest after the mini accident last night. Feel quite bad staying out till this hour and leaving Kylie in my in-laws' care though =/ Wonder if my father-in-law's mad or anything cause I came home to a half-awake mother-in-law walking out of my room & him asking her "she sleep already?" in his deep stern voice. Apparently Kylie got up in the middle of sleep and Shane's mom had to wake up to pacify her. Like it's not bad enough that i felt bad when I left the house with Kylie screaming and crying my name out loud. SIGH. But it's not always i get to stay out and spend the whole day with my friends. It's only because I'm on leave until boxing day, but apart from today, the rest of my leave will be spent prepping for Christmas and celebrating Christmas with family & relatives, & then it's back to work so I won't be able to spend another whole day like this until idk when. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, not at all & i love Kylie very much, just that I hate having to feel so guilty every time I'm out with my friends & Kylie's in the care of my in-laws.

That aside, I had a great time today even though it was simple! Hanny & Hansen are one of the nicest people I've ever met! Felt so paiseh cause they paid for lunch, dinner and movie! Reaaaalllyyyy appreciate it! &&& they all accompanied me to do my Christmas shopping. Had to bother them going up and down and up just to find suitable gifts but they were all so nice and patient :) It's actually the first time I'm going out with Hanny & Hansen but it felt like i've known them for a while already! Really, really enjoyed my day with them! Quite bummed that i forgot to bring my new camera out to test it! Bought the Canon SX40 the other day & i haven't really got round to using it. Maybe during Christmas...

Shane's in KL now, he left early this morning & i didn't see him cause I was at my parents' place last night. Not used to coming home & not having him tell me "hi" with his dorky smile or a "hey honey". I miss you already :( I haven't been away from Shane for more than 2 days before. Even when we were dating, we literally stuck to each other like superglue. If we had only an hour to see each other, we'd still meet up any way. Gotta get used to him being away, when the time comes and he has to serve the country, it's gonna be hard not having my husband around. It's 21/12/2012 today, supposedly, the end of the world. Shane was so cute the other day, he told me "if ah, if. Just saying luh, if the world really ends on Friday, you know I love you right? Cause I'll be in Malaysia you know..." hahaha. Shane's not exactly the best lover in the world but thinking back, he's quite sweet sometimes. Silly too.

Alright, i think this post is getting a little lengthy. I know I promised pictures from the USS trip in the previous Vlog but i forgot to get the cable from my mom again so i'm sorry but it'll have to wait! Long day ahead, better get to sleep now, I'll need all the energy I can get to watch the bouncy, hyper little rascal tomorrow! Goodnight starshines!

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