By Esther Rachel Lai. - 5/08/2012

Got a new hair do on labour day/Shane's birthday. The night before, John, Pat & I successfully manage to give Shane a mini surprise. He almost jumped out of his pants when he got home, was hilarious. I must say though, it was all John and Pat's idea. I was on the way home from work and they called to ask if i needed them to help give Shane a surprise. Was impromptu but it was a success! Mark and his girlfriend joined us after for a lil' catch up over some drinks and snacks. T'was simple but just the way Shane liked it, with only the people who truly matters <3 John & Pat are really rockstars, they've been there for us in a lot of ways. & needless to say, they love kylie LOADS. When ky was first born, they came to visit her every week! We're so blessed to have friends like them :)

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