By Esther Rachel Lai. - 2/28/2012

I've been really lazy to do anything to this space. I know i said i'd post pictures since christmas and all but i've been really lazy to go through all the pictures, gather them from this person and that so i guess i'm not going to anymore. Anyway, just a little update, FYP's over & it feels kinda surreal, like just a week ago, we were all rushing to meet the deadline & now we're all so carefree and having fun. I still have my attachment to complete before i can be considered a real graduate. I'll probably start next week, the company's gonna get back to PJ within these few days. I'm pretty psyched on starting work asap cause at least i'd have a bit of money in my bank account even though the pay or rather, allowance is really mediocre. So...I wanted to pursue a degree in design but I can't cause I won't get my results & all in time for the start of any University term. Which might be a good thing actually, cause I'd go out to work first, earn some cash before really deciding if design is really what i want to do.
I'm meeting Samantha, from church in a bit. She wants to see Kylie. & I've planned a meeting with Mabel & probably a few others from my secondary school to, yes, because they want to see Kylie. It's amazing isn't it? How one little girl can bring people together, be it friends or family. I've tweeted this before & i feel strongly about it, Kylie is more than a blessing.
Shane & I are trying to get a 2-room rental flat from HDB so we can move out, have a little privacy of our own & be the parents we want to be without having the adults tell us what we should do and all. I mean, it's all good, staying here, but i think help us mature and think better? Like we'd really experience adult life & not depend on our parents and stuff with the chores and always having someone around. I feel we can and we need to be independent, we may be young but age doesn't define maturity right? So yeah, but we called up HDB & we can't rent a flat cause we're under 21 so we seeked help from the MP & HDB's looking into our case. I do hope they'd get back to us soon.
I'll try to update this blog regularly, with ample pictures and all. So...yupp, y'all can check back once in a while.

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