christmas eve

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/04/2012

I know I'm 4 days slow but HAPPY NEW YEAR people!!! K, y'all are in luck cause my mouse died on me and I can't work on my FYP without a mouse so i'm updating this space. Else idk when I'll ever post about my Christmas. I'll post day by day, starting from Christmas eve cause there's tons of pictures. There's actually more to upload on this entry but the pics are with my father-in-law. So I'll post 'em when I get 'em. Really bummed about my mouse! I think this is the 8th time in 2 and a half years i've replaced my mouse! Gotta burn my pocket and invest in a god mouse once and for all. pffttt.

Festive season's decoration! Even Kylie's mobile's decorated with christmas ornaments.

Silver bells~
 In preparation for the family Christmas eve dinner.

Kylie & her christmas gifts!

So that's about it for this entry! Keep checking back for more! Until then, XOXO. Love y'all!

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