stay close, don't go

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/29/2011

Thought I'd do a short entry since I'm waiting for the girls to get prepared so we can all head to town. Gotta head to FEP to buy some stuff to dress my models up for my FYP photoshoot. Stresses me out just thinking about ideas for FYP, maybe gonna do a lil' retail therapy while we're at town but idk, the stuff I've to buy for my project is gonna cost me at least a good $50 bucks. The money in my bank account's fast depleting but I don't wanna ask mommy for money cause she's been buying stuff for Kylie and me almost every weekend we go out. Plus, we're heading to Todai @ MBS for a buffet dinner on Sunday & it's like $59++ per head so it's gonna cost them almost $350, makes me think twice about asking my parents for money even more. It's not like we're well to do and all.

Anyway, apart from Sunday's buffet dinner, my weekend's gonna be a weekend of feasting! On Friday, Liying's hosting a birthday party at Costa Sands Pasir Ris so there'll be BBQ food, Saturday's Shane's Godparent's 25th wedding anniversary celebration and they've catered food, on Sunday night, is my grandma's birthday celebration so there's bound to be good food too! I'm probably gonna gain like 10 pounds after this weekend. Let's feel pregnant all over again. HAHA.

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