By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/01/2011

Tie dyed bag & shirt by yours truly :D 
Got the chance to learn how to tie dye cause i'm taking the textiles & manipulation elective. It's possibly the most fun module cause we get to do cool stuff like that. Learnt batik painting today & we're gonna learn silkscreen printing too. 

Since the last entry, my life has been less boring cause i've started school so i get to hang out with the classmates again. Other not-so-boring stuff that happened over the weekends included visiting Ian at OCS on Sunday (will post pictures in the next entry), & then we headed back to my place & had dinner with my family at tampines' Absolute Thai. I think the it was really overpriced, food wasn't bad but it wasn't fantastic either. After dinz, momsie & i did a little shopping with ky while the guys went to shop for my bro's soccer shoes and jersey. So happy cause i bought a pair of super gorgeous heels! Love wedges / heels / stilettos but I never buy 'em cause i think i'll stick out like a sore thumb, y'know, what with me being super tall already. But this time i couldn't resist! I sense there'll be more heels to add to the shoe cabinet from now on! 

Shane & I had a buffet dinner at Nihon Mura on Friday night, brought Kylie along too. Over ordered and had to cancel all our remaining orders, blame it on Shane. Everytime I asked if I should order this or that, he'd go "just order! just order! buffet what!" haha! & he ordered wayyyy too much for himself, his eyes almost popped out of its sockets when his platter of sushi arrived.

& Saturday, Shane & I headed to escape for 'hell'oween with his cousins, Bo Rui ( yes, the one from LYS. Coincidentally, he's her cousin's bf ) &  Bo Rui's pretty sister, Hui Xian. That night was major epic. You'd expect Shane to be all tough and manly but he totally freaked out like a girl. We had a ball of a time laughing at his reaction, especially in the haunted house where we purposely asked the "ghosts" to scare him. HAHA thinking back about it makes me wanna laugh. His cousins haven't posted all the pictures on Facebook yet so I'll only upload the pictures when I get a hold of them.

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