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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/18/2011

Group project with Brina for textiles & manipulation. Tie dyed one of Kylie's plain baby pink body suit and 2 boring muji tote bags. Plus, silkscreened tribal designs on some loose fabric and sewed 'em on. It's the end of the block & even though we had to do a lot for textman, it sure was a fun module. & I think the idea of turning old and boring into new & trendy has really got to me.

I just turned one of my brother's old Ramones shirt, which i've been using as home wear since idk when, into a fringe tank. Mad loving it. My first attempt in cutting a shirt, & i really love it! It's really simple to do actually. I shall go check out more ways to cut my tees so I can turn 'em into clothes I can feel good wearing out :)

I've actually got a lot of pictures to upload and talk about, like Ian's 21st birthday...but I've just been SO lazy. Promise I'll find a day!

Brother's in Tekong for his BMT. Think he'll only be out next week. & when he's out, imma treat the family to a cheap and good thai dinner at The Basil Inn. Top of my list for thai food, it's super affordable and really yummy! Most probably gonna stay over at my parent's place for the weekend. Y'know...even though we see each other a lot less now, we spend more quality time as a family. I'd say it's a blessing in disguise. We go out as a family more now, even if it's just for dinner. The distance has made us treasure, or at least, made me treasure them a whole lot more. I miss my family tons, so much that sometimes just thinking about them makes me wanna cry, yeah, that bad. I'll always love y'all no matter what. I promise I'll work hard and make enough bucks to help y'all retire and live a comfortable life, maybe even bring you guys on a holiday or two. Thank you mommy & daddy, for giving me the best that you can give, even if it means putting a strain on your pockets. No matter how old I am, or who I'm married to, I'll always love you guys the most, and I'll always be your little girl. Always.

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