five eleven

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/05/2011

Visited Ian at OCS on Sunday. Took the train from Pasir Ris all the way to the other end of the line - Joo Koon. Bumped into Regina who was there to visit her friend & so it happens, Kok Hao's in the same wing as Ian (not anymore though cause Ian's posted to the air force side already), also saw ex-colleague Toshi.  Ian looks a whole lot more "attractive" that day, probably cause he exuded a manly aura, all suited up in his uniform. I could tell Shane was really proud of his brother (:

Regina helped us take this family shot. aha, thanks babe!
Anyway, it's the 5th of November and Ian turns 21 today. He's super fortunate he got to book out last night! We're gonna have a celebration here at home with family and friends later in the evening :) HAPPY 21st IAN!!!

5th November also marks 2 years since Shane & I started dating and Kylie's 3rd month.
 Us back then.
Us about 3 months ago.

Looking back, 2 years seems like a really short time. The days and weeks just whizzed passed us like that and here we are now, happily married and wonderfully blessed with the cutest baby girl anyone could ever ask for. Even though these words are now rare and few, I love you Shane. When a couple stays together for long, it's no longer sparks and fireworks, rainbows and butterflies. But love now comes in a different form, and it doesn't just comes with the big things like flowers and surprises, dates and sweet honey-coated words. Love is all around us everyday in the littlest things and sometimes, these little things don't mean much but without all the little moments we spend together, our love would die. Every night before I sleep, I thank God for placing you in my life. Baby, with you I think that I could stay in love forever and a day. Nothing's changed, I still love you, everyday, all day.

& to my baby girl, even though you still can't read yet, but maybe you'll see this in future. It's been 3 months since the day you were born, you've taught me a whole new kind of love, one that is unconditional, sacrificial, one so immense it can never be explained. I love you so much Kylie, watching you grow each day never fails to bring a smile to my face. You can lift your head up so high now, & in no time, you'll be crawling all over the place. I kinda wish you'd stay this way, small and cuddly cause I know when this time is gone, it's gone forever. Of course I still want to see you grow, take your first steps, call me mommy, but I just want time to slow down a little so I can savour every little moment I spend with you. Three sure is fast how time flies. I love you more than anyone or anything in this world baby girl. I always will.

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