from lead to wax, paper to silk

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/04/2011

Learnt Batik painting this week, pretty cool stuff, drawing with wax on silk...I even did a smaller one for Kylie, to frame and hang it up on the wall near her cot. Spent almost 3 hours straight doing the bigger piece till my neck cramped up. But it was worth the effort, hope my grades will do me justice!

And yesterday, Shane & I finally found the time to catch a movie in the theatres, was kinda impromptu and we had to watch the show before picking Kylie up from the infant care. We'd been hearing good reviews on the movie "In Time" so when there were no movie timings for Paranormal Activity 3, we settled for "In Time". I must say the movie is really good. Very interesting plot. & I never liked Amanda Seyfield, I mean I don't hate her but she isn't one of those sexy, pretty Hollywood actress and her huge ass eyes kinda freaks me out but in the show, she's looks pretty darn hot with the cropped short hair. & I never really liked Justin Timberlake either but after watching Friends With Benefits, he's really grown on me. Totally dig it when he makes out with the lead actress like SOOOO HOTTTT. hahaha! Plus, In Time really up-ed his cool factor. I think he makes a better actor than a singer. If you haven't watched it, go watch! You definitely won't regret it! If you're still not convinced. catch the trailer below!

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