By Esther Rachel Lai. - 10/21/2011

Went back to my parents' place on Sunday & I had my hair dyed at one of the salons nearby.  The colour's much lighter actually, and even brighter under the sun. Shane says i look like angel/liying now. ha. & that i look like an ah lian from the back. Initially wanted something really really light, but mom convinced me not to bleach my hair. Oh well. & yes, ky has velvety soft brownish hair, she got that form me k! haha! I used to have really brown hair when I was younger too. My hair's still soft though! haha k whatever.
Also tried face threading that day & I really like it!! It makes your skin look whiter/cleaner and it feels really smooth after cause it also removes all the blackheads/whiteheads and whatever other impurities. Will definitely go back to get my face threaded again!
Ky's at the infant care centre now, that explains why I have the time and energy to be posting another entry. Miss her alot though, so imma pick her up earlier today. Not even half the day and I'm missing her so much. It's gonna be hard when I start school :(
Y'know...Despite how scary it was at the beginning, I think Ky's the best thing that's ever happened to me. The love I have for her is immense, it's inexplicable. I honestly think this is the best choice I've made in my entire 19 years. Ky's not an "accident", she's a gift, and she's God's plan. Everynight I thank God for placing her in my life, she brings so much joy. I wake up pretty cranky some days cause she wakes up real early for 6am-8am but I love how she starts the day by smiling at me. One smile from her and it just washes all the weariness away. She's a really good girl, I'm one of the lucky few to have their babies sleep through the night at 1 and a half months old. Some kids are 7-8 months old and they still wake up twice and night for milk. Thank God for Ky!
Am extremely determined to work hard after I graduate and earn enough to buy a house in 5 years time. I may be only nineteen, but I don't want to shortchange Kylie just because i'm a young mother. I wanna give her the best I can give to her (:

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