one month

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/06/2011

My lil' cupcake turned a month old yesterday. Can't believe a month's passed just like that. Last I remembered, I was in the labor room looking at my baby girl for the first time. Ky's gonna get her immunization jab later at the polyclinic. I was feeling really cranky this morning cause she last night, she woke up almost every 2 hours. Anyway, confinement's over (technically I called it quits about 2 weeks ago) & I really wanna go out & shop a lil'. The other day, Shane & I made our way to e!hub for some alone time. We caught a movie like the good old times. Yes, we're parents but we gotta remember that we're a couple too & it's important that we keep our love strong despite our now tedious schedules. We may be young but I sincerely believe in our marriage.
Approximately 2 more months and it's back to school for me. Having mixed feelings about going back to school. I know how much I'll miss Kylie when I'm in school & I'm afraid it'll be a distraction...Plus it's gonna be pretty darn stressful tryna cope with school and care for Kylie at the same time. Right, I'll post again when I've the time. Ky's crying for milk now so toodles!

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