everybody needs somebody.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/15/2011

it gets harder each time. i wish that somebody was you.
i won't be here if it weren't for kylie. but then again, sometimes it feels like ky's the only one brings me joy.
i don't regret having her on bit. but it's easy to stop and wonder if i'd be happier if things were different. so much to say, so much i've bottled up, i don't even know where else to channel all these emotions. I hate to rant here for the world to see how i really feel but if not here, then where?
it gets so so depressing sometimes, i don't even think you'd understand. i love ky, but these days, i'm wishing i was somewhere else, better if it were some where else with ky. or at least, i wish i had someone. i know i made the right decision for ky. I just don't know if i made the right decision for myself.

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