By Esther Rachel Lai. - 9/21/2011

Just started on a whole new drama series last night. Watched the first 2 eps of Awkward with Shane & it's really good! It's actually already being aired on MTV but why wait if you can watch it first right? :D Shane's off to the gym, i've got the next two eps buffered and ready to watch, very very tempted to watch it without him! If I didn't need the sleep so i can take care of Ky in the day, i'd have watched the episodes through the night, really addictive, & i've only watched the first 2 episodes! Go check it out if you can! I give it two thumbs up!
Side tracking, Esther Tan's on her way here to see Ky. I haven't seen her in months, almost a year (?) We had a little dispute that's why. But I'm glad we've sorted things out and patched things up (: Mom's  taken off today so she's coming over too. She & aunt paid for our new bed that came yesterday. It's a pretty hefty sum, almost 2k & I know mom has her financial difficulties too but the fact that she willingly forked out the money to buy a good bed for us really warms my heart.
okay gotta go. Esther Tan's here! BYEEE!

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