By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/22/2011

Threadless is having a sale, & tomorrow's the last day. All their tees are going at a really cheap $10! Shane & I spent $111 altogether yesterday (including shipping fees) can't wait for the tees to arrive!! & I can't wait to bring Kylie to see all my relatives this coming Saturday :D Sighhhh, craving for bubble tea right now, confinement sucks. & I secretly took a bath this morning, crossing my fingers & hoping I won't get rheumatism or whatever, not bathing for a month is crazy, idk how some people do it, not bathing for 2 days is already gross, one month?! ugh. Can't stand it.
Kinda miss Shane. He's in school most of the time, like..half the day. & when he comes back home, he'd then go out for a few hours, to the gym, to jog, to meet Gabriel :( & I sleep real early these days, like 9-ish. So by the time he gets back, I'm as dead as a log. heh. Oh well...

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