By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/03/2011

It's 11:59 PM! Before it hits 12 AM,
ok, so I deleted the previous post on Pat's 21st birthday party cause the picture quality's really ugly, & since she's got brilliant, nicer pics of her party on facebook, I thought I'd just scrap the old post and do a proper one. Besides, it's her actual birthday today (2nd Aug, I know the post says it's 3rd August cause it's 12:02 AM now) so i'll dedicate this post to her! <3

Pat LOVES Mickey Mouse so John, her wonderful boyfriend gave her a surprise by decorating the place in a Mickey theme and he had everyone dressed in a Mickey Mouse theme too :D

The VERY CUTE cake & cupcakes!
Birthday Princess & her family (:

With the pretty birthday girl! She's finally my height cause of her wedges! Loved her dress & shoes!

The man behind the surprise! SHO SHWEETSZXSCZS!!!

Pat giving her speech "Thank you all....blah blah blah...Okay so now, you guys can sing me my birthday song okay? I count to 3 ah, 1, 2, 3!" HAHAHAHA! She's so cute i swear!

SO YUPP! HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY DEAREST PATRINA!!! May your wish(es) come true & all the best in everything you do! Thank you (& John) for being there for Shane & I, we're really blessed to have friends like you guys! Love you loads babe! XOXO.

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