By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/13/2011

So, as promised, here's a post on my babygirl, Kylie Danielle Joseph's birth. Some of the photos are a lil' fuzzy cause they're taken with my iPhone camera.
5th August 2011, 20:27.
 My labour started around 3-ish when we went for my weekly check up at Gleneagles medical centre, there, the doctor said my cervix's already open and i'm actually in labour so he broke my water bag. & because we booked the ward in Mount Alvernia Hospital, we had to take a cab there with my waters gushing out. Shane was a lil' panicky but I wasn't in pain yet. The pain only started at about half past and it escalated, had a jab in the thigh to relief the pain (not the epidural that numbs you waist down though) and also inhaled laughing gas to cope with the pain. By 8-ish, i could feel Kylie coming out, but the doctor still hadn't arrived so the nurses kept asking me to "use the gas", I was already very drowsy from inhaling too much of the gas, still, I inhaled it like it was oxygen anyway. & when the doctor came, it was over in like 5 mins? He had to vaccuum Kylie out cause I was too weak to push. I blame it on the laughing gas though!
 The mark on her head left by the vaccuum.
 A very drowsy me, still in the labour room waiting for the gynae to deliver my placenta and stitch me up.
 Our new addition (:

 Her first tear drop.
If you're wondering why she's all white and sticky-looking, well, that's the vernix that covers her skin while she's in the womb to protect her from the amniotic fluids she's been living in for the past 39 weeks.

 Lil' princess all cleaned up!
 Her uncle Ian bought her her first toy, which is bigger than her. It'll have to wait till she's older.

Polaroids taken by Celeste.

Alright, I just wanna thank all the friends and family who've been there for us through it all. From the very beginning up until now, especially my dear classmates who've been ever so supportive. If not for them and also, my lecturers, it'd probably have been hard for me to cope with school and all the stares. I really really Thank God for blessing me with each and everyone of you. No words can explain how grateful I am to have such wonderful friends and family <3

& to Shane, we may be young, & it's gonna be a tough road ahead but with your hand in mine, we'll make it through it all. Little Kylie's truly a joy and a blessing, I've no regrets making the choice to keep her, & I'm glad you've stepped it up to be a good father and a great husband. I love you and our daughter so so much (: Even though we might be a lil' more busy these days and have less time and energy to spend quality time with each other, just know that I'll always love you & you'll always be the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with <3

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