By Esther Rachel Lai. - 8/17/2011

Me a few weeks ago with my 9 months big sexy belly :D
I miss my rooooooom!! Not that I hate it here, but y'know, I had my room revamped but I only got to enjoy it for less than a year :( I take comfort in knowing we're gonna redo Shane's room too though! I secretly hate his snot-green room. HAHA.

*heaves a sigh of relief*
I'm so glad to be blessed with lil' Ky. Y'know, I'm actually having a proper conversation with my bro like right now, even though it's on FB chat, but still, it's a start. If you know me, you'd know my bro and I aren't all that close, we're not on bad terms but we're just not close. & like, he actually took the initiative to ask me how's Kylie and all...& we're actually talking proper like...having a real conversation for once. It really heartens me. We probably wouldn't be talking like that if it weren't for Kylie y'know. & although having to live away from my family sucks, it makes me treasure 'em even more now. It breaks my heart when my dad tells me how worried my mom is for me, & how much she loves me. Makes me think back on how I used to be so rude to her, indeed, she can be a lil' unreasonable & hard to communicate with at times, but looking back now, I wish I could take back some of the mean things I said/did in a spit of anger. I'm glad our relationship's better now, everytime she comes over and leaves, I wanna hug her so bad but I'm too shy to :( &&& even though I used to see Dad almost everyday before he left for work, we never spoke much. But these days, he'll call to see how I'm doing, ask if everything's okay & we'll just have a short chat over the phone. All these little things, I hold close to my heart. I'm so glad I chose to keep my baby girl. Kylie also made me see who're the friends I can really depend on when I'm down or in need. Like, the ones I thought would actually make some effort to show their support and stuff, I don't hear from them? But then I see that I'm actually blessed with so many other friends who truly care, the surprising thing is, they're not THAT close too me but they're all so supportive. I am really really blessed. Kylie's a God-send, a blessing in disguise. I love her so much. Thank God for Kylie, really, Thank God. Makes me wonder sometimes, why was I ever so scared in the first place? He had it all planned out, & He placed the right people to be in my life. I can only say Thank You Lord.

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