one dot one dot one, one.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/02/2011

Spent new year's day with the boy at plaza sing. Caught Narnia like finallyyy!! <3 <3 <3
babe and i have been going through a hard period in our relationship and the start of a new year also marked a new start for us. both of us, we love each other a lot, but sometimes, things don't work out, our personalities clash, the things we go through makes it hard for us...hopefully 2011 brings better days for us (:
So we were walking around for hours, wasting time away while waiting for our show to start. then i saw this bear which i liked ALOT. boyfriend said it was ugly though. heh. anyway, we went to mos burger after that to get some rest and a quick meal, then he told me he was gonna go to the washroom, and when he came back, i saw him holding a bag with the bear inside!! geeeeez! i was sooooo shy then!! couldn't stop smiling like a fool. boyfriend's not the kind to give surprises like that. so yeah, it really made my day.
Frownie bear!!!

idk why my cheeks were so red. but anyway i love my frownie bear ttm! thank you babyyyy!!! 

today's gonna be a long day for us! my room is finally vacated! the tenants moved out yesterday so i've got my room back!! gonna be painting my room later, dad's gonna show us the ropes. boyfriend's coming to help me paint! yay! can't wait!

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