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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/14/2011

i never thought i'd be where i am. the life ahead's gonna be a struggle, that i know. i pray that shane and i will be strong enough to go through everything. i'm glad we got past our biggest fear. Though i won't deny, i'm still afraid of what's to come. I'm gonna keep believing that God's gonna make a way and He will provide because this is His will. & i'm really thankful to have people around me who care so much and are genuinely happy for us. Even friends i don't usually talk to, this whole incident has definitely opened up my eyes to the people around me. I'm really thankful to have these girls around me, supporting me, telling me i'm not alone, that they'll be here if i need anything. I'm thankful that they're not judging me at all. I won't be able to keep this under wraps for long, everyone's worried for us. & i pray things are going to be alright. I'm really sorry i disappointed everyone, my heart breaks seeing the disappointment on their faces, the pain, heartache, tears...I just hope all this negative emotions will come to pass and we can all move forward as one big happy family.

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