back in the days.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/26/2011

i know, i know, is this space still alive? sorry, i haven't been able to update this blog cause i've been having terrible migraines, on and off the past couple of weeks. Couldn't do anything without dying to just lie down in bed after like 5 mins. & sorry again for the major lack of pictures. i've not been anywhere exciting lately, except maybe, Fion's 20th birthday chalet at NSRCC. Even so, there isn't much pictures from there.
Anyway, the posting results are out. Anyone coming to TP Design? Haha, I still remember waking up, & jumping out of my bed screaming "YESSS!!!" when i received my results, Dad immediately woke up too, asking where i'm posted to. Still wonder how he knew i was screaming cause of my results. ha. Now come to think of it, it's just mehhh...
If you're posted to design school, kudos to you! Expect shitloads of work, sleepless nights, taking away food to class just so you can do your work and eat at the same time...If you're ill-disciplined and a procrastinator, you're gonna dieeeee. But of course, if the course is something you enjoy doing then it's a whole different story :D

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