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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 1/10/2011

so says the clock.
i'm suppose to meet the classmates at two thirty and here i am, still at home, still in front of my laptop, still sitting on my bed & i've got some nerve to still be posting this and tumblr-ing. ha. what gives, i'm always punctual & i'm always waiting for people, i'll bet the rest will be late too so no harm taking my time, chill and intentionally be late for a day. you know how you intentionally try to be late sometimes but you still end up earlier than the rest? haha, yeah happens to me ALL THE TIME. Anyway, so like, i've got my room back, painted it all white, the whole house is entirely white now. Got a bit of touching up to do on the walls of the entrance area and my room's celing. The furniture for my room's coming in on Tuesday! so sexcited. Boyfriend's gonna crash with me on Tuesday! He's gonna be the first to enjoy my new room with me (Y)! Oh, and he bought me this dope ass creative speakers as a...gift, for my new room :D, with the subwoofer, bass and all, imma have the girls over for a good slumber party soon! Gonna bring the house down with em' orgasmically awesome speaks! 2011's looking pretty good so far, i won't count on it though, i said that at the beginning of 2010 too but so much shit happened. kkkkay, shush Esther. Don't jinx it. Oh look, it's two thirty on the clock, i should get my ass outta the house soon. Alright, five more minutes, promise! Tumblr gets me super fuper ducking hooked on the laptop. I'm more active on Tumblr and Twitter than here or on Facebook. Was browsing through my profile on Facebook and i realised i haven't updated my status there for idk how long. heh. & I hope the thing about  Zuckerberg shutting down FB isn't true. If that happens what're we gonna do?! Go back to Friendster? Yuck. You gotta admit, FB connects people in someway, you get to know how's this person doing, who's with who, stuff like that. Oh and did i mention? Shane and I started talking cause of FB. No, we didn't meet each other through the web or what, i don't do that shit. We've known each other since we were thirteen, through school but we were just hi-bye friends. Until one day in 2009 i decided to "like" his status about him quitting smoking. Then that led to a short catch up on FB, then a conversation on MSN, then another conversation on MSN, then texts, then a meet-up or two and the rest as they say, is history. I'd be really upset if FB shuts down for real :(
Yikes! Ten minutes has passed already. I should head out now!! Oh & lucks to those getting their O's results today! :D

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