time is going by so much faster than i.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 12/26/2010

so if i haven't yet, i've gotta let you know...
you're never gonna be alone from this moment on. if you ever feel like letting go, i won't let you fall. when all hope is gone, i know that you can carry on. we're gonna see the world out, i'll hold you till' the hurt is gone.

picnic on the 22nd with the favourite girls. Yanchin was really ill that day so she couldn't join us. we all miss her! but i'll get to see her at work on tuesday (: it's been 4 years since i became close to this bunch of girls. 4 years, and so much has changed. looks, attitude, circumstances. though we hardly get to meet these days cause we're all in different schools, we've all got our lives to lead, i'm glad that everytime we make the effort to meet, we're still as close as ever. they say, good friends aren't the ones who you meet everyday, good friends are those who even after not meeting for a long time, you're still close. how true. i don't think you girls read this space but just in case you do, i wanna let y'all know i'm really blessed to have you girls in my life. Every night i thank God for my family, for shane, for his family, for the friends and people in my life. Every night, i go to sleep thinking about how truly blessed i am to have such lovely people in my life. I'm not rich, my family gets by each day a step at a time, we live an average life, we've got out problems, i've got my problems. but i'm blessed. not with the riches of the world. but with the priceless love, care and joy brought by the people around me. i am truly grateful, thankful for all these people.

winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call and i'll be there, yes i will. you've got a friend.

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