christmas with the josephs.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 12/29/2010

so i spent most of my christmas with the Josephs. worked from the early morn of christmas eve till mid-day cause t'was double pay. then headed over to have christmas dinner with shane, his mom, dad and bro. and then met the girls at orchard, together with some of their guy friends. had fun spraying foam into the faces of annoying guys who couldn't stop spraying. stayed over at shane's then woke up on christmas morn to help his mom with the lunch preparations for his chinese relatives. then the day after christmas, went over to his Godma's place for more love, joy, peace. I had so much good food to eat, i think that's why i'm eating so little now. still full up from all the feasting ha. Gonna have steamboat at edward's with the classmates tomorrow some more! damn fat.

 boyfriend was dressed in the new shirt i bought him for christmas (: haha, even the white shirt he wore underneath, i bought it for him too. & the long sleeved shirt his bro borrowed to wear. seeeee now you got nice clothes thanks to me! :D

with the joseph boys.

having a splitting headache. i get dizzy these days for no apparent reason :( oh and i quit my job. seems like in less than 2 weeks, 3 staff called it quits. they're wayyyy short-handed. but who's to blame but themselves? ha. _|_ right back at ya!

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