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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/24/2010

suddenly dawned upon me that maybe i should start taking up modeling assignments. Kirk, for the past 1 year has been texting various job offers like events, tvcs, roadshows etc. etc. but i haven't been replying any of his texts for a fairly simple reason - i'm too lazy to go down for castings and such. like y'know i find it a total waste of time if i don't get selected? but then again, it's pretty good money, and like you get to attend events and such. We'll see, i don't usually have the time to attend casting calls anyway. & the dates and time of most events usually clash with school and stuff, especially since design school's holidays differ from the masses. just a thought though. I'll have to consider deep and hard before i take a leap into it. Definitely wouldn't want it to affect my grades and such in any way.

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