much ado about nothing.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/19/2010

Just got my brows threaded. CCN day for the entire campus, i went to school for like a mere half an hour or less to submit my final assignment for Interface Design 2, check out the IMD booth (the one selling hamsters & badges) & then leave. Initally thought i could ask Choy to help me with FIMM, i went for the 3pm class instead of the usual 9am but then DJ told me he probably wasn't gonna turn up 'cause nobody or very few for that matter, attended the morning class. bummers. Work again tomorrow and maybe, picnic with the boy for our mega belated anniversary celebration. It rained that day so our plans were ruined & I didn't have time the previous 2 weeks thanks to the never-ending assignments. So now that the end of the block is here, we're finally able to have a proper celebration (:
Pray hard it wouldn't rain tomorrow cause we haven't got a Plan B. There's really not much to do in Singapore. Hopefully the boy & I can save up for a trip next year or something. But first, I hope he finds a job so he won't be bumming around during his upcoming holiday. 

P.S. Shane is an annoying brown boy who likes to act cute.

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