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By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/18/2010

So it's back to blogger again. I'm keeping my tumblr intact though, but all the rants, personal pictures, daily dose of "what-i-did-today" & other stuff will go here. My tumblr will solely be for reblogging awesome pictures, quotes & whatever i like. To simply put it, all the lengthy, detailed entries goes here. Sorry, i know i'm annoyingly fickle, i'll bet majority of my readers have grown tired of following me from domain to domain ever since i ditched "rainbowfishpops.blogspot". haha, the name itself is mortifying. Little wonder why I shifted domains anyway.
But the fact that the handful of you are still following me allllllll the way from rainbowfishpops.bs to acidlacedkisses.lj to acidlacedkisses.bs to acidlacedkisses.tumblr and now, back to acidlacedkisses.bs (gosh, that was a mouthful) just goes to show that you still love me! aha, thick-skinned moment there. kthxbai.

now, that aside... i love paul frank!!

In fact, I love Paul Frank so friggin' much, I transformed my desktop background to a "Paul Frank" theme AND I based my FIMM assignment on Paul Frank too! So awesome I wish I could show y'all what I did for FIMM.
I swear, their signature "Julius the Monkey" is mad cute.

oh and speaking of FIMM, i'm like ALMOST done with the assignment already. Just gotta fix the gallery error. I hate actionscript 3.0, I hate coding. I didn't come to design school to be a programmer!! Sigh, what's a good design if it doesn't work huh?
So like, i'm waiting for Choy to finish helping Joanne so I can ask him to fix the error for me cause i'm a numbskull when it comes to coding. Meanwhile, I'm playing Cookie Dozer on Shane's Ipod Touch! :D

Not the most fun game ever but for some reason, I'm addicted to it. The boyfriend lent me his Ipod Touch for a week cause he made a deal with me - to help him fix his comp to Ipod Touch syncing problem in return for a week's loan of his Ipod Touch - & so, being the genius i always am, i helped him fix the problem. He now calls me his "apple service centre". Whateverrrrrrr.
I really want to get an Ipod Touch for myself but I'm cash-strapped :(
My room is going to cost me a good $600 - $700 bucks. So all my pay for the next 2 months is going into that and my Ipod Touch is gonna have to wait till the subsequent pays come in. Can't have the best of both worlds can I?

oh yay! Choy just gave us great news, he's gonna grade us by our designs and not so much of the coding. and that. saves me a shit load of problems.

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