the edge of all we know was just a painted sky.

By Esther Rachel Lai. - 11/30/2010

So as mentioned, this entry is full of pictures from Friday's day out with Shane. We went on an eating spree. Was one of the best days we've had together indulging in life's simple pleasures.
Earlier that day, we were at his house contemplating hard and long on where to go, what to do & I always find myself googling "places to go in singapore" but to no avail. The places are either too out of the way, too far, too pricey, too boring etc. etc. Then I suddenly had a brainwave and we both agreed on the awesome plan.

First stop: Katong for lunch!

I brought Shane to the famous Katong Laksa stall near my church. My old cell group use to dine here every other day. They sell other stuff like porridge too. 

 The walls of the place has photos of local and foreign celebrities all over.
 Handsome boyyyyy!
 Our hearty bowl of Laksa. Both of us ordered the small bowl ($3.50) which was good enough to fill our tummies to the brim.
 They're really generous with the amount of ingredients. Cheap & good (:
The otah there is super yummy too, just 1 buck per piece (it's those big Otah kind)

 & the boy even slurped down 3/4 of the soup proving how delicious it really is.

We then headed to Parkway Parade to kill time.
 My all time favourite bubble tea drink that's only available at each a cup - Strawberry Snowshake. It's got like cereal bits inside, love at first sip.

& so we passed this stall which got Shane smiling like a kid.

 He never had the chance to do this as a kid and he always wanted to. So since we had nothing to do, I decided to let him have his virgin experience of painting(?) 

 He was a total kid, wanting to use up all the colours available. & he even gave ultraman a pupil and a mole. I removed the pupil though, thought he looked way creepy with it, heh.
 His super colourful ultraman. PINK GLOVES. LOL.
 Told him to give an "act cute" face, but idk why his face looks more constipated then anything. hahaha!
 Pop it in the oven and we're done!

After walking around PP for a bit, we took a bus down to East Coast Park. Alighted like 2 stops earlier so we had to walk quite a distance before we reached, just in time to see the sunset! I love taking long walks with the boy, we always chat endlessly and have our heart-to-heart talks during walks like that. 

drop of golden sun. The pic above & the next few were snapped by Shane. Not bad huh?

 All hail the Goddess of Light. HAHAHAHA! wtf.

 Shane's quite a mommy's boy actually. Can't tell from his looks right? i know.

 Last picture before heading to the Hawker nearby for more good food!

 Can never miss out on a fresh coconut drink at East Coast!

 Seeing these pictures just makes me wanna go back again for more! Boyfriend and I've decided to go hunt for more food places to dine in (Y)!

Shane, my boyfriend of almost 13 months. Who would have known huh?
haha, love you shortie!!

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