#ConversationsWithKylie - Overprotective Kid

by - 5/26/2016

I'm very fond of wearing cropped tops that expose my tummy and EVERY SINGLE TIME I do, Kylie would yank my top down as best as she can and say

"Mommy, can you pull your shirt down?! Everybody can see your tummy already!!!"

The other day, I was asking Shane what I should wear so I showed him a photo on lookbook. Kylie caught a glimpse and immediately said,

"MOMMY!!!! Can you stop wearing so sexy all the time!!" 

HAHAHA in my defence, it's not even sexy k...it's just a spaghetti top and shorts. She's so funny really!

Kiddo's more protective than my mom or husband! Haha!

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  1. The other day she said, "Granpa, can you tell your sons, to stop smoking outside the house."