#ConversationsWithKylie - The fastest swimmer

by - 4/25/2016

Shane: "Kylie, do you know that you're a champion? You swam the fastest and beat everyone that's why you're here today."

Me: "Oh no, not again...*rollseyes*"

Kylie: "Huh? Really?"

Shane: "Ya! You don't believe you ask mommy."

Me: "Ya...who ask you swim so fast?! (referring to our shotgun marriage) *looks at Shane and we both start giggling* Huh Kylie? Who ask you to swim one ah?"

Kylie: "Daddy! Daddy ask me to swim!"

Shane & I are laughing hysterically by now.

Kylie: "Mommy blow the horn then daddy say "Swim Kylie! Swim!""

Shane & I lost it at that point while Kylie cluelessly watched us laughing in fits.

HAHAHA! If only you knew just what you were saying Kylie!! Oh, the innocence!

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